Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thanks for asking

(Rules without Relationship)

      Have you seen any of Marshawn Lynch’s many interesting interviews? He is a player from the Seattle Seahawks, who is not a fan of the media. He has given the media the silent treatment along with some attitude, which led to some hefty fines. Then he transitioned to answering with a tagline to all of the questions for various interviews. These taglines range from “yeah,” “thanks for asking,” “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”(which he is currently trying to trademark) and more. Marshawn is an extremely talented football player who has been a key element to the Seahawks success. In addition, He seems to be troubled and/or annoyed and is looking and reaching out for someone to help. I am reading into the situation, giving my perception of what he might be experiencing, but, until someone actually listens with a desire to know him, things won’t change. It will take more than interviewers just continuing to ask him the same questions over and over again and it will also take more than the NFL continuously fining him without seeking to understand where Marshawn is coming from and discovering what the why is behind his actions.

      With students (employees, kids, really anyone), rules without a desire to know them for who God has created them to be, will get you nowhere. With Marshawn Lynch, the NFL continuously fines him and tries to apply more rules and restrictions on him as well as other players. Don’t get me wrong, whether NFL players like it or not (especially the marquee ones) are role models and should act like them. This standard is not limited to professional athletes, celebrities, etc, it is a standard that should be kept in mind by every (mature) adult. Kids are always watching and we can never downplay our potential influence on the person next to, near us, or within earshot. I wonder if the NFL has tried to sit Marshawn down for a conversation with the desire to really listen and understand where he is coming from. Maybe he had a few bad run ins with the media, maybe he had an event that happened to him as a young man that is influencing his response to those in authority, or maybe he just doesn’t care about following the rules.

      No matter what the case maybe, every person deserves to be known and really listened to, with the desire to know where he or she are coming from without an agenda, besides to love the person. God, has uniquely created every person with unique attributes, family of origin, experiences in their lives, gifts, talents, passions, etc., and we should do all to know that person before we try to think of what we are going to say next or slap another rule (or fine) on them!

A rule without some sort of relationship or desire to know who they are and what makes them tick, seems to only push them further away, let’s change that!

Links to a few of Marshawn's interviews and Stephen A's take

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