Monday, June 27, 2016


            Perspective changes everything. Before I worked for a window cleaning company, I never thought twice about the cleanliness of a window. Now I don’t know if I could ever look at a window the same way again. I’m no longer able to be ignorant of the smudges, streaks, and spots that may exist on the windows, which then makes it difficult to not want to clean them. When it comes to our every day lives there are many smudges, streaks and spots that we are ignorant of until we get a change of perspective. If we are not looking at life through the proper lens there are many things that we miss right in front of us. When we choose to only think about ourselves, we tend to neglect those around us, which in turn prevents us from experiencing something that is truly good!
            We need to become aware of the smudges, streaks, and spots in our lives, not so we feel judged and condemned, but in order to truly understand how great God’s love is for us. Despite all of the junk in your life, God loves you for who you are. He created you to feel, experience, and know His perfect love for you and to know that you are valued. It is through this understanding that we are able to know more about how God desires for us to experience life.
            When I was learning the art of window cleaning I had to learn what to look for, how to look for it, and what to do to clean the glass. In our lives we need to be reminded of how important it is to know what to look for, how to look for it and what to do moving forward. We must shift our perspective to look for God in creation, in His people, and even within the simplest moments. We need to learn who God is and who He says we are, through studying the Bible, spending time in prayer, being with God’s people, spending time in His creation, and sharing His love with others. Remember you are valued and loved more than you could ever know! Allow that to shape your every thought and action. We are called to be His hands and feet, to serve those around us loving them with a Christ like love! If we can do these things, imagine the shift in our perspective. If we truly shifted our perspective to seeing things the way God would have us see them, loving as Jesus loved, imagine how the world would be changed.

Be the change you want to see, be overwhelmed by Christ’s love for you, and allow that to shape the way you see and experience the world around you!

*Photo courtesy of Teddy Kelley

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