Monday, July 11, 2016

Confidence and Humility

            Confidence and Humility tend to be thought of as opposites, two that cannot exist together. I have believed that for many years. Thinking that folks that are overly confident are cocky, full of themselves, etc. I thought that if you were someone who had plenty of confidence, than you probably were not someone who had much humility. It was impossible, you either were someone who was humble and lacked confidence or you had confidence but you don’t have an ounce of humility in you. I’m discovering that part of the reason I thought that way was an issue with my own self-image. The fact that I would get hung up in the comparison trap over and over again. Comparing 100% of my good and bad to the 5% best of the best material that a majority of our culture shares. Especially with social media, you can scroll through and see 100’s and 100’s of people, reading the best of the best of what is happening in their lives and then if your not careful you can fall into that comparison trap too! If we are not careful that will take us into a downward spiral. Which to prevent that we need to remind ourselves of who are in Christ and the love that He has for us. We must choose to rest in that and have confidence in who He says we are! 

            The last 4-6 weeks I have been subbing for a few different indoor soccer teams and after my last game I began to feel my confidence come back. My touches were getting better, made some nice passes, had a few decent defensive plays and all around feeling better about my field game. It was at this point, when I felt my confidence coming back in my field play that doubts started to rise up. “It was a one time thing.” “You got lucky.” “Your touch will be gone next game.”  And the list goes on. These thoughts began to fill my head because I had that moment of confidence come up. The doubt begins to seep in again and then fear takes over. We need to be careful not fall into this trap and apart of this process is not being afraid to fail. It is important to allow yourself to be confidant in who you are, the things your learning, the ways your growing, etc. Moving forward in that confidence humbly knowing that you still have lots to learn, areas to grow in, and there are others that are more advanced that we can learn from. You must celebrate the victories, learn from the defeats and be confident in who God has created you to be; loving and serving others with the things that He has blessed you with!

Moving forward, don't be afraid to fail, don't compare yourself to others, celebrate your victories (big and small), and remain humble with a desire to learn and grow! 

It's not an easy thing to do, but it is an area of my life that God is working on in me. I am far from having it figured out, would love to hear how God might be teaching you in this area, things that you have experienced in the world of Confidence and Humility, and any other thoughts that you might have! Thanks for reading and please feel free to join in on the conversation! :)

Phil 4:8 A great reminder of the things we should focus our attention on, what we should spend our time and energy thinking about, and pursuing instead of falling into the comparison trap. 


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